Transformational Health & Healing Bali Retreat

Join Us for a 7 day retreat focused on transformational health & healing in Bali.
This is an immersion into purification of the Mind, Body & Spirit.

There is no one-size-fits-all on this retreat, you will be uniquely guided by 3 exceptional specialists in their respective field.

A journey begins with the first step, and we are here to help you find the step in the direction that’s right for YOU.

Set in the lush and cleansing land of Bali, our retreat space will be situated near the ocean on the southern coast. The villa has gorgeous ambiance and its own personal swimming pool. The beach is a short walk away, and the space is calm and relaxing, inviting you deeply into the realm of regeneration.

BODY TRANSFORMATION (to regenerate your physical wellbeing)

Daily Yoga Sessions
Vinyasa Style

Personalised Detox Menu
Juice Breakfast and 2 Delicious Vegan Meals a day specific to your unique Design

Ocean Swims, to keep the body cleansing & activated!

1-on-1 Detoxification Consultations
A total Health-Evaluation looking at your history and present state +
Iridology Assessment
Personalised Protocol for moving forward post-retreat

Raw Food Creation Workshops
Learn how to make detoxifying food that tastes amazing

Holistic Health Talks Ranging from:
Digestive System
Unique Diet

Take-Home Workbook
You will receive a workbook with all of the methods we explore, as well as more, so you can continue your healthy living lifestyle.

Amazing Energetic Masseur who will nourish your body and align it


PSYCH-K Sessions
– Learn & experience how to discover & transform subconscious beliefs that are holding you back

Group Discussion Sessions
-Authentic Expression
Discovering Your Joy

Daily Guided Meditation Journeys
– Each night you will experience a guided-meditative journey to connect you to your intuition and wisdom

1-on-1 Daily Mentoring


Personal Mayan Calendar Reading
Discover your unique imprint and the gifts you have to share

Conscious Relationships

Feminine & Masculine Balance
Creating Boundaries
Creating your Own Ritual

Ecstatic Dance Session
With so much transformation, it’s great to shake it out and move!


Natural Beauty Workshop
Learn how to make and use your own natural health & beauty products

Individual Tarot Card Readings
Receive guidance on any area of life

Special Excursions
Waterfall, Temples, Beaches, & more

Creative Journaling Workshop
Tap in to your creativity, be guided in how to allow the words to flow through you

As a farewell celebration, we will have a closing ceremony with delicious food, a sacred cacao ceremony, music, and a few other surprises.

This magical Retreat invites you to surrender to a deep cleansing. To allow yourself to be gentle as you strip away all that is no longer serving you, so that you may stand in the full radiance of the magnificence you are.
As the cleansing can be deep, we invite you to take time when you need to rest, to go for a swim in the ocean, or do some journaling and contemplation in the journals you will receive.

We are here to help you uncover your true vitality and unique gifts. We know that one-size does not fit all, and it is our passion to facilitate a journey in which you can really come to know yourself deeply. Just as you are all unique, Kelly, Charlie and Tegan have their distinct flare, yet share a common passion for health and vitality. With the synergistic blend of their offerings, they create a space of true magic.


Kelly Roland
Kelly is a Mayan Calendar Teacher, Writer, Detoxification Specialist, Raw Food Alchemist, & Intuitive Guide. She leads from her heart & has a unique way of illuminating others truest selves. With a keen awareness of the subtler realms of life, Kelly thrives when sharing creative self-discovery sessions ranging from tarot, the Mayan calendar, open-hearted sharing, and therapeutic art.
She brings an approach to health that helps you access your intuitive response. Kelly is based in Uluwatu, Bali where she is guiding people in Mayan Reading Soul sessions, developing her Raw Food Alchemy, and creating exciting projects to share more vitality, love, and beauty with the world.

Charlie Maginness
Charlie is a Transformation Health Coach, certified Detoxification Specialist, and deeply committed to the finding the uniqueness of every individual. Aside from his 8+ years of continual study of health, wellbeing, and healing… he has also gone through multiple certifications in the Psych-K method which is a system of rewiring and transforming subconscious beliefs as well as releasing stress and past trauma. He thrives when he is diving deep with people who are seeking to level-up in all areas of their lives, especially vitality. He is based in Uluwatu, Bali where he continues to guide others on a journey of health, transformation, and unique self-discovery.

Tegan Steele
Tegan is an author, a Motivational Speaker, an Entrepreneur, Health & Wellbeing guru, Kundalini & Yin Yoga Teacher, Beauty Therapist, Personal Trainer & animal advocate.
She is passionate creative with intention and love woven deep into spreading true health to as many as possible. Tegan is a specilaist in the field of physical detoxing & healing the body of ailments. Her energy is refreshing & exciting to be around as she paves a sparkling path on her journey of helping uplift others. Tegan is based in Melbourne where she leads women’s circles, helps run her thriving café, & continually creates health-inspired products & offerings.

Price (US Dollars) 

Price per person in Double Room / Full Board

Including All Workshops is $1650

Early Bird special $1490 (discount Ends July 15th)

Couples/ friends discount price $200 off per person

Single rooms on request

limited spaces are avaliable! to book in or find out more!

Or Checkout my new website! 


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