Support the Movers & Makers this Christmas

Christmas is a time of giving and sharing.  It’s also a time of excess..
We eat far to much, spend way too much money, and we end up throwing away crazy amounts of packaging and eventually hiding unwanted gifts at the back of our cupboards.
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I always try to make a conscious effort to buy gifts that are:
1.  Going to be used and loved and are well suited.
2. Fair Trade- Ethical clothing
3. Vegan- Cruelty Free
4. Support brands with a cause
5. Australian made (when possible)

Fortunately people are becoming conscious about what they buy. We vote with our buck $ every cent counts..
Here are some of my handy tips to getting it right.

1.Buy something that is going to be loved and is well suited!

I am someone who puts a lot of thought or effort into a present.
For people who don’t particularly need anything I will make a present!
I used to make home mad cookies and I would buy a decorative bowl to wrap them in.
Last year I hand painted ink mandalas then framed them and I made macrame plant holders with a plants inside!

11169810_875937355795952_6513260444521690993_nUP cafe11-1.jpg
This year I have been making glass terrariums. And plan to make concrete pots to plant indoor plants inside..

If your not so creative or you don’t have the time make a list of things that are useful or even things that you like yourself and go from there.
I love the app Uncrate  for innovative ideas!
Otherwise buy something to help educate and teach..
My mum bought me the book Skinny Bitch when I was 16 and it changed my life.
Why not give the gift of health and buy my book ‘365 Days of Wholeness’ 😉 IMG_6166.JPG

2. Buy Fair Trade -Ethical

I learnt about the terrors of what happens overseas to workers who produce our clothing when I watched the documentary The True Cost.

Watch the trailer It is also now available to watch on Netflix

Here is a website that is amazing for all the registered Ethical Clothing brands in Australia!
Ethical Clothing Australia

3. Vegan- Cruelty Free

This website is amazing for all the acredited cruelty free companies
Choose Cruelty Free
So many clothing brands and cosmetics are not cruelty free. Make an effort to change brands and support the companies that make an effort to stop animal testing and using leather and suede products.

Vegan Wares -Vegan Shoes
Burkenstocks – Now have a vegan range

4. Support brands with a cause

There are so many amazing brands/ companies out there that are promoting amazing causes.

Here are some brands I love!

Soulshine  -Vegan for the voiceless
Their clothing is amazing quality and it really spreads a great message.


I have a few Teeki pieces and I am totally addicted. Their clothing is made from recycled plastic bottles!

Lunalight – Conscious Jewellery
I think I was one of the first people ever to buy a vegan ring with the date I became vegan on the back from Lunalight. All of her work is incredible.


Fifth Element Life– Conscious Jewellery + more
I absolutely love Sarah’s work! Every design has a meaning. I already have 2 of her Mandala rings and I am constantly asked about them.

5. Australian made (when possible)

Always try to find Australian made brands and support local work. I love to shop at small boutiques or online stores rather than big shopping centres.

There is a direct correlation between consumer purchasing behaviour and employment, local economic development and prosperity. When you buy Australian-made and grown products, you can be sure you are keeping your family members and friends employed.


Happy Christmas Shopping Everyone
Love & Light

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