My last blog post I wrote about the importance of Detoxifying your bathroom. Now its time to detox your Kitchen.

Our digestive system is where our immune system lies. It is absolutely crucial that it runs efficiently and performs its role in the body on a daily basis. Without proper digestion we do not absorb nutrients properly, expel waste and toxins, you become fatigued and unable to have the energy to function properly to name just a few symptoms.

The best analogy to explain the digestive system is to think of the roots of a tree. If you poured poison over the trees leaves, it wouldn’t kill the entire tree but would do a little damage.. The leaves would regenerate and you would never have known. This time if you poured poison into the base of the tree where the roots are the tree would absorb the poison and it would slowly kill the tree.
The human body is no different. The toxins we ingest will slowly poison our blood stream and entire body resulting in disease or worse cancer.

The Modern Western Diet and lifestyle is riddled with poisons and toxins that were never meant to be introduced into the human body.
Just go shopping in a supermarket and checkout the crazy amount of packaged foods filling almost every isle. Most boxes containing more than 20 ingredients with 10 completely unknown ingredients that are created in a lab.
Chemicals and toxins that we are ingesting on a daily basis are destroying our health.
When toxins build up in the body and the digestive system cannot handle it and functions of elimination are compromised. Toxins then begin accumulating in the bloodstream compromising your health and over time damaging your organs, which then leads to organ failure and potentially death..

Here are some signs your ingesting chemicals and toxins daily.
Do you:

  • Consume Caffeine
  • Drink unfiltered water
  • Eat non-organic food
  • Drink Alcohol
  • Eat packaged and processed foods
  • Smoke cigarettes

The first step to eliminating toxins from your life is cleaning out your kitchen and removing all the chemical filled products and ingredients from your pantry and fridge.
Since moving out my apartment has never contained anything that shouldn’t be eaten. Having a chemical/toxin free kitchen means that if your feeling weak and vulnerable or feel like comfort food its impossible to eat it unless you can be bothered to go out to get it..

It is also the perfect way to break old habits of eating packaged and processed foods. The majority of packaged foods contain preservatives and addictive substances that always leave you craving more.

Again Download the Chemical Maze App and search all the ingredients in your favourite packaged foods. This will turn you off eating them.


For more information on detoxifying your kitchen and for recipes to replace your favorite packaged foods checkout my new book ‘365 Days of Wholeness’

Happy cleaning
Love and Light

Tegan Steele


2 thoughts on “DETOX your KITCHEN

  1. I no longer have any chemicals in my house. And about 10 days ago I found out I have a normal immune system again, after it completely collapsed a year ago. Thanks for sharing this message – we all deserve optimal health x

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