***FREE Digital Download of 365 Days of Wholeness**

Hey everyone,

Matt and I  just want to say a massive thank you for purchasing our new book ‘365 Days of Wholeness’ during our pre sale special offer. We only have limited copies available so are stoked for those who have made their order so far!

This book is the accumulation of over 2 years of research. The information contained in the book has literally changed our lives, so we are really excited for you to begin reading it, and the support so far has been amazing!

To say a huge thank you for everyone’s support so far we are offering a completely free download of the entire digital version of the book that can be read on Kindle. This promotion will end on Saturday at 6pm so download it fast or you will miss out.

To make the most of this free download please visit the Amazon website and search ‘365 Days of Wholeness’, then download the book. (If you are not familiar with digital ebooks, all you need to do is download the free kindle application on your iPad, iphone, or Macbook and the book will automatically appear there once you have downloaded it through Amazon.)

Your thoughts are truly invaluable to us so if you felt inspired to do so, we would love you to post a short review on amazon when you have completed the book.

P.S. – If you missed Matt’s interview on SEN radio yesterday with sporting legends Tim Watson, and Andrew Gaze, and fellow legendary co host Andy Maher, here is the recording (only 9mins). Matt certainly didn’t expect their first question to be about Extra Terrestrials 😉

P.P.S.- Please be sure to let as many people know about this free download, also for anyone who would enjoy the first 3 chapters of the book for free in PDF format please email Matt at info@365daysofwholeness.com and we will send it through. This is a great one to share with friends to give them a taste of the book. Also subscribe to this blog with your email on our home page to ensure you don’t miss any of our future videos and posts!


Thank you for all your support.
Happy reading

Tegan & Matt


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