‘365 Days of Wholeness’ Officially Released

I am so happy to announce that my first book I co-wrote with Matthew Bate is officially on sale at www.365daysofwholeness.com

OMG I am officially an author!!

We are actually releasing it tomorrow morning however we wanted to give all our followers the chance to get in first because we only have limited copies.
Matt and I are so excited for you all to read our book and really hope you learn things that will change the way you think about food and your lifestyle. At the same time we are feeling nervous to find out what you think.


We’re super proud of the finished product and blown away by the amazing endorsements we received from Peter Siddle, Don Tolman, and Dr. Will Tuttle..
We really appreciate everyone who has supported and encouraged us throughout the process over the last few years and to say a big THANK YOU, we are running a very short promotion where you can purchase a hard copy of the book for only $14.95 (reduced from $19.95) until WEDS NIGHT ONLY!There is also a digital copy for kindle available on the website, if you are overseas or don’t want to wait.

Thank you all for your support
Love & Light

Tegan xoxo

p.s. – we are dying for some feedback on the book and would also really appreciate some reviews on amazon. Please email Matt at info@365daysofwholeness.com to let us know your thoughts or comment below 🙂

5 thoughts on “‘365 Days of Wholeness’ Officially Released

  1. Hi tegan,

    I ordered 365 days of wellness last week and wondered if it’s been posted or if it’s got lost.

    Things appear to go missing sometimes at my house.

    Thanks Nikki

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hey Nikki,
      Unfortunately we just heard that the shipment is running later than expected. In the meantime please download the free digital download. My latest blog post has the link. 🙂

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