Don’t be afraid of Fruit Sugar

Working at Urban Projuice everyday making juices and smoothies for customers I am shocked to see how many people ask for no dates in smoothies, no apples in juices and is there any sugar in these raw cakes?

Sometimes I feel like exploding and telling them all about fruit and why it is so good for you. But I bite my tongue and make them what they ask for.

I am speaking from someone who was severely fructose intolerant and looked pregnant after eating fruit once upon ago.. It was horrible. However I overcame it over time, cleaning out my digestive system and healing it naturally by slowly introducing fruit back into my life.

So why is everyone afraid of fruit?

I remember when I was restricting calories back in the day,  I was only allowed to eat 1-2 pieces of fruit a day… It was nuts!
I would get myself the biggest apple I could find and chop it into the thinnest slices possible and chew every single bite for as long as I could so it wouldn’t end. It was my favourite part of my day.
Crazy I know. But the sad thing is that so many people are still in the mindset that fruit will make you fat. Its totally not true.

Fruit sugar for one is very different to highly processed sugar. Fruit contains fibre which makes the sugar digested an absorbed into the blood stream at a slower rate than highly processed, concentrated sugar.

Have you ever seen a fruitarian? Yes someone who eats predominately fruit. They are probably some of the healthiest, leanest people on the planet.  I follow these gorgeous humans who eat predominately fruit in their diet as do I.
Loni Jane, Freelee the banana girl and the beautiful Fully Raw Kristina!

I have eaten tis way for about 4 years now and have more energy than ever before which is just one of the benefits of eating a high carbohydrate/ fruit diet. I have also never been sick since. I eat massive amounts of food and I never gain weight from eating fruit and carbohydrates in general.


Fruit is perfectly designed for the human body to eat. Fruit contains Water, vitamins and minerals and is made up of fibre that makes us regular. If you don’t go to the toilet regularly your probably not eating enough fruit.

Fruit unfortunately gets blamed for everything. People say the you will get High Blood Sugar from eating too much sugar, which is the cause for diabetes, candida and chronic fatigue.. This is incorrect. In actual fact too much fat in the blood makes it difficult for fruit sugars to get out of our blood, causing high blood sugar. So fat is actually the cause.

I understand that people are scared because I was once too. However you have to listen to your gut. How can fruit be unhealthy? and what would you eat to replace it? Is that healthier? Here are some benefits of eating fruit.

Top 10 Benefits of eating fruit

1. Fruit consists for the larger part of water
As does the human body, we are made up of mostly water.

2. Fruit stimulates the brain & memory
Fruit is the ultimate brain fuel. Fruit has a positive effect on our memory and helps you recall information faster.

3. Healing
There have been incredible stories of people who have healed themselves naturally on a plant based fruit and vegetables diet.

4. Fruit is not expensive
Buying fruit compared to packaged foods is not expensive at all.

5. Fruit is high in fibre
Fruit contains fibre which helps keep your digestive system clean and prevents digestive problems.

6. Fruit is 100% bad cholesterol free
You can only find bad Cholesterol in animal products.

7. Fruit is energizing
Fruit is easy to digest, therefore more energy can go into repair and energy for everyday tasks and exersize.

8. Fruit is ethical 
Fruit doesn’t have to be slaughtered to be eaten.

9. Fruit is 100% Natural 
Fruit is natural and is grown by mother nature to feed us. It is delicious and healthy at the same time.

10. Fruit is delicious 
Yes fruit is sweet and tasty. You will not crave other foods when you eat enough fruit.

There are so many amazing books that explain fruit and fruit sugar that I highly recommend including T Collon Cambell’s  Book ‘Whole’  Dr Douglas Graham’s book The 80/10/10 Diet and my book I wrote with Matthew Bate that is to be released very soon ‘365 Days of Wholeness’


Love & Light
Tegan Steele


9 thoughts on “Don’t be afraid of Fruit Sugar

  1. Does saturated fat from plant based sources e.g. nuts and coconut fall into the same category as having an effect on fruit sugar absorption by the body? I notice that I Quit Sugar replaces fruit with saturated fats…. What happens when you eat a diet high in both saturated fats and fruit?
    Very conflicting info out there so glad you took this topic on Tegan, thanks!

  2. I know plenty of raw foodiats who have added tons of healthy fats into their diets and they are not getting fat but rather skinnier and they are feeling better. I also know plenty of fruitarians who get cancer or loss teeth. Just saying that to each their own. Find what works best for your body. Too much fruit can be bad for many. The most important thing is to find a way to shut down your own fight n flight. If it’s not working try again with a different approach.

    • Healthy fats are essential, don’t get me wrong. I highly recommend to eat 10-15% of calories in healthy fats. And your right each to their own, in my personal experience after healing my digestive problems and intolerances eating a high carbohydrate, low fat diet I have felt a massive increase in energy, hormonal balance and skin improvement among other things. I have also seen so many friends and family transition and are healthier than ever before.
      Loosing teeth because of fruit sugar is a bit of a myth however. Concentrated dried/ dehydrated sugar is the cause in which it is not eaten or recommended by most high carb vegans.
      Thank you for your thoughts

    • 1. Who are these raw foodists and many weeks have they been doing it?

      2. I know plenty of meat eaters who get cancer or lose teeth. How do you explain that?

      3. What are the names of these fruitarians who got cancer or lost teeth? Did they have cancer before, then did chemo and the cancer came back? Did they have pre existing dental issues? I don’t know anyone over age 30 regardless of diet who hasnt had some dental work done.

      4. How much fruit is “too much fruit”?. Eating 5 bananas in a meal is considered ‘clinical binge eating’ yet it is only 500calories – the same as a big mac.

      5. What do you mean when you say ‘shut down your own fight n flight’. Are referring to adrenaline and how the body must release more adrenaline when carb intake is lowered as it is battling glucose exhaustion due to insufficient fruit/carb intake.

      6. What sport do you do and how fast can you run a marathon any day of the year? (This lets me know how much vitality your current diet and lifestyle is providing you).

  3. Love this article Tegan, only a couple of weeks ago I had someone at the gym tell me to be careful of my juicing. Too much sugar they said, so for a week I stopped and then I thought. having a fresh slow pressed fruit or vegetable juice was making me feel better. So i am back to enjoying healthy fresh juice.

    • I first worked in gyms in 1999. It is purely a steroid culture that only can exist as noobs trust the steroid built aesthetics of the mindless trainers who only exist to earn $$ to feed their steroid aesthetic lifestyle. They don’t have much idea about nutrition. You don’t need to when you are bombing down grams of T4, GH,Clen and primoteston each month.

      “someone at the gym told me to be careful about my juicing”. Maybe they though you were on the ‘juice’ aka steroids? 😉

  4. Hi Tegan, I met you yesterday at the Melbourne World Vegan Day. You are such a beautiful woman, and thank you for the great cooking demo 🙂
    My question is how you cleansed before you could eat fruit again without the side effects. I can relate to the IBS issues when I eat fruit, I would be so grateful if you could explain what you did during that time 🙂 🙂
    Or send me a link if you have already written about it 🙂
    Sindy x

    • Hey Sindy,
      aww thanks so much.
      I am planning on writing a blog post about it as I get a lot of people asking me the same question.
      Read all my posts on juice fasting.
      I did a 30 day Cabala Juice fast and could eat fruit without side effect afterwards. The fruit juice didn’t give me any bad symptoms as the fibre is removed.
      Thanks and good luck 🙂

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