Urban Projuice

I am so excited to share with you all my family’s newly opened café Urban Projuice in Melbourne.
315 Montague Street,  Albert Park


UP has now been up and running for a couple of months and I feel it is time to share it with you all.

My mum Trina and I started our dream to open a whole foods café about 5 years ago.
When we first became vegan we were so unsure of what to eat and where to eat, which is why we were so inspired to make eating healthy and plant-based more available and enjoyable.

Our concept behind Urban Projuice was to make a Melbourne style Cafe with a difference.
Our goal was to make eating whole foods fun and delicious and to not scare anyone away in the process.
We want to share with Melbourne and travellers from all over Australia & the world how eating real food can be mind blowingly delicious and satisfying.

We have sourced all our products from Locally grown, seasonal and organic where possible.
We also made the effort to source all eco-friendly products that are easily bio degraded.

UP cafe9-1UP-10

It took our family 2 months to gut and renovate the place. It was previously an indian restaurant that needed a lot of work.
We put in a brand new kitchen and covered every surface from top to toe. The transformation is pretty incredible.


We designed our menu to meet our customers dietary requirements and to tantalise your taste buds.
We decided on an all day breakfast because we believe you don’t have to eat according to your clock.
Just because its lunchtime it doesn’t mean you have to have lunch, why not have breakfast!
We specialise in Cold pressed juices freshly pressed, Smoothies & Smoothie bowls.
We also serve a range of healthy meals as well as naughty favourites.


We had a lot of trouble finding the right Chef who was up for the challenge to cook Plant based until we met Chin Chin Chef Dan Crossman a local who blew us away with his love of food and eating healthy. We are so grateful to have met Dan, the missing piece to our puzzle.
We are now in the process of collaborating with plans to run frequent cooking classes, bootcamps and possibly even a Foodies Retreat down the track.

UP cafe-1

We are pleasantly surprised at how the locals have embraced our cafe and are looking forward to constantly improving and growing it.

Thank you to everyone who has come to support us.

Like us on Instagram @urbanprojuice  &  Facebook Urban Projuice  Website www.urbanprojuice.com.au Coming Soon

I look forward to serving you at Urban Projuice
Love & light

Tegan Steele xoxo


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