Emotional Eating & Eating for Boredom

Juice fasting is a time of self discovery! Unfortunately it’s not always a discovery that you want to find out.


I have now completed several long 30 day fasts, a few 1 – 2 week fasts and many short fasts and each time I learn something new about myself and my body.

The first time I discovered how I have such an attachment to food. That I emotionally eat from time to time and fill time when I am not busy by eating. My day revolves around what my next meal is going to be. It’s crazy!!!

In our Western Culture eating is the main part of every celebration.. especially in my family!

Christmas all I think of is FOOD!! Birthdays, FOOD!! Dinner Parties, FOOD!! …

We all gather over a large meal, now a delicious Vegan Meal, to eat together, cook together and share our creations with one another. It is all I have known and grown up doing. I attach food with celebrations, happiness and fullness. And there is nothing wrong with that its eating for satisfaction when your emotional or when your purely bored that is the problem..

Unfortunately, emotional eating doesn’t fix any emotional problems. It usually makes you feel worse! It definitely did to me. Afterward, not only does the original emotional issue remain, but you also feel guilty for overeating or eating foods that you know you shouldn’t eat. Learning to recognize your emotional eating habits is the first step to breaking free from food cravings and compulsive overeating, and changing the habits that have ruined your clean eating routines in the past.

In my experience fasting is one of the best ways to identify your emotional eating habits and your need to eat in boredom. It’s also the best way to deal with the cause because you can’t go to food to dull your emotions. You are forced to face them..

A method to deal with your emotions while fasting is to Meditate daily!! Meditation is extremely powerful when in crisis, if your stressed, upset, angry and emotional. It is a daily routine I believe everyone should do. If you struggle to meditate you need to do it the most.

It assists you to silence your mind and helps you to think clearer. Try meditating for 30-60 minutes a day. When fasting its easy to fit it into your life. Not eating gives you many more hours in the day.

I like to start the day with a 20-30 minute meditation and end the day with the same to achieve balance and strength from beginning to end.


During a fast you have to speak your emotions. No bottling them up until one day you explode.. I was the worst.

You have to face your problems head on. It really makes you do what you need to do to achieve happiness. I used to emotional eat before I was following my passion. Now its a very rare occasion.

You also need to do something for you, treat yourself.. even if it is just having a relaxing bath, watching a favourite movie. I personally love to make my own beauty products to pamper myself with.

If you want to learn more, my beautiful Mum Trina and I are running a Vegie Girl’s Kitchen Cooking Class on Fasting & Home made beauty Personal Care Products on the 23rd of November in Camberwell Melbourne from 9am-12! We will be teaching our favourite juice recipes and beauty secrets.

It costs $120 per person and you will be going home with some of our creations along with the recipes we make on the day. To book your spot please email me at vegiegirlskitchen@icloud.com


Love & Light

Tegan aka Vegie Girl xx


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