There’s More To Raw Workshop

Matt and I are very excited to announce that the tickets have been released for our next workshop!! 

‘There’s more to Raw – Learn How to Detox and Alkalise your Mind and Body’ 

We are currently running an early bird special on ticket prices that ends on september the 15th. There are limited spots available to so please act fast.


Our last workshop was a massive success and left us hanging for the next one so we are really looking forward to seeing you there 🙂

In this workshop we are going to be focusing on: 

  • Which foods have the most alkalising effect on the body.
  • How to know the difference between a food that is ‘acidic’, & one that is ‘acidifying’ to the body
  • How the body protects itself against acids, and the long term problems this can cause.
  • How to purify and alkalise your water
  • How to avoid acidifying combinations of foods, and eat combinations that alkalise the body.
  • How to glow with radiant beauty every single day
  • Delicious alkaline, wholefood recipes
  • Clarity on what alkalising means and the science behind the concept
  • How to make your own toxin free personal care products, including face scrubs & toothpaste that wont acidify the body & the skin.
  • How to implement an alkalising plant based diet and still maintain maximum health, strength, and vitality.
  • How to create an exercise program that alkalizes and detoxes your body every day.

My little sister Georgia will also be running a yoga and stretching session during the event.


Here are some testimonials from our last event 

‘Amazing workshop! I learnt so much about my body and it all makes so much sense. 
A new look on how to live a healthy happy lifestyle.’ 
Sarah Murnane 
‘An absolutely eye opening and informative afternoon. A priceless investment for your health and wellbeing’ 
Tammy Pace 
‘Great afternoon spent with the Green Warriors, learning how simple and easy it is to move more into a healthier plant based diet. Fantastic demos, and dinner was delicious’
Lynda Murray 

Check out the following link for more info on the workshop content, as well as how to purchase your tickets


Hope to see you there ❤ Vegie Girl xx


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