These days it seems to be completely normal to get sick every winter or even every few months. However believe it or not you don’t have to get sick at all. I personally have not been sick for so long I can’t actually remember the last time had a cold.

It’s all about prevention and nourishing your body as well as possible to ensure the body gets all the essential vitamins it needs to repair and replenish.

There are a few reasons why so many people get sick during winter. One reason is because we generally eat less raw foods and more comfort cooked or processed foods, we also exercise less and get a lot less vitamin D.

Here are my top 5 ways to stay healthy and keep your immune system high this winter!

1. Take Probiotics

Probiotics are essential to human nutrition. 80% of your immune system lies in your digestive system which is why having a healthy gut is so crucial to good health. Taking a daily probiotic supplement every morning before you eat or eating fermented foods such as sauerkraut you can easily boost the good bacteria levels in your body to strengthening your immune system.

Miso soup is also a fantastic way to boost your good bacteria levels.


2. Dink fresh Juice 

One of the best and most effective ways to prevent yourself from illness is to consume lots of living plant foods that contain an abundance of antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. There is no better way to make sure you are getting enough than juicing!! 

My favourite Immune boosting juice recipe is

-4 Carrots

-1 thumb sized piece of ginger or turmeric root

-2 Oranges

-1 apple

-1 Handful of spinach

-1/4 lemon or lime

-1 stick of celery


3. Rest/ Sleep

Getting enough sleep is vital for your health. The first stage of disease is enervation which is tiredness either physical, physiological and psychological. Making sure you are getting enough rest, preventing stress and avoiding heavy hard to digest foods you will not fall victim to getting a cold or the flu.

Resting doesn’t always mean sleeping but also meditating or relaxing in nature away from technology.


4.  Avoid Toxins 

When toxins build up in your system your bodies organs will not work at its full capacity. The detox organs such as the liver kidneys, skin and lungs can suffer if you have a build up of toxins in the body.

That means you need to avoid coffee, alcohol, medications and  processed/ packaged foods.

5. Exercise daily 

Exercising is brilliant for detoxing the body and getting blood and lymph circulating around the body. Sweat is a natural process of detoxification and is highly important in every day life.Exercising also improves heart and lung health which is vital for overall wellbeing.

A great thing you can do every morning to get your lymph flow circulating is jumping on a rebounder (small round trampoline) for 15 minutes every morning as soon as you wake up.


Happy Health!

Love VG xx


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