Healing Bones Naturally


Being an active girl always trying new things unfortunately you can’t always avoid accidents.. I haven’t been to the doctors for over 10 years and now I am visiting hospital having to get surgery.

As some of you may know I recently broke my right Radius (arm). Unfortunately it was displaced so I have had surgery to have a metal plate and screws put in.

During this time of forced rest I plan to learn as much about bones as possible so that I can educate myself on how to heal bones naturally and efficiently so that I can recover as fast as I can. And hopefully give you all some insight for if you ever have to go through this unfortunate experience.


Natural Healing Remedies 


When your body is in healing mode it generally suppresses your hunger in order to repair. Ever since I broke my arm I have noticed impaired digestion when eating even the most easily digested foods. I have decided after my surgery to water fast until my body tells me otherwise. So far I am day 4 and have no hunger whatsoever and my energy levels are quite high. I am truly amazed at how my body is dealing with this trauma.

Water fasting is very simple however it is only recommended if you are resting completely and your mentally ready to heal from the inside out. There are many books you can read regarding water fasting. One book I love was written by Dr Herbert M Shelton and its called The Science and Fine Art of Fasting .



Comfrey is a medicinal herb also known as knit-bone which is used by applying it topically to encourage the healing of broken bones and wounds.

Comfrey roots and leaves contain allantoin, a substance that helps new skin cells grow, along with other substances that reduce inflammation and keep skin healthy. Comfrey ointments have been used to heal bruises as well as pulled muscles and ligaments, fractures, sprains, strains, and osteoarthritis.

This is something I will be using week 3 of my healing when I get my cast off and wear a brace. I will be applying it daily topically to aid the healing and regeneration of cells.



Turmeric is a root similar to ginger however yellow/orange in colour. This spice is considered one of the best natural anti inflammatory. It has been used for over4000 years to treat a variety of ailments. I am going to be adding juiced turmeric root into juices and smoothies when I decide to start eating again.

P.S How cute is my 81 year old grandma.



Celery not only looks like a bone just one stalk contains 26 mg of calcium. Bones are also 23 percent sodium, and so is celery. I personally love to add celery to my banana date smoothies. They are absolutely delicious! 


Love Vegie Girl xx


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