Ever since changing my diet to a plant based (vegan) diet a few years ago my eyes have been opened up to so much more of whats going on in the world.

I originally changed my diet for health reasons, however it became so much more than that. Ever since then I have been on a quest to find out more so that I can help spread the message to as many people as I can.

Earthlings  the documentary is what first opened up my eyes to the cruelty that is going on in the world.  I was absolutely horrified by what I saw. It is something that I recommend everyone to watch! I wish I watched it when I was young so that I could have made the decision to eat meat or not for myself back then. Everyone should be able to decide for themselves.. 

Then I continued my study by reading books like The World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle and watched other documentaries such as Peaceable Kingdom..


It’s not only the meat and dairy industry that are exploiting animals, it is also the cosmetic/skincare industries and fashion industries.

Millions of animals are also being tested on with harsh chemicals used in our everyday products. Animals are being poked, prodded, burnt, poisoned, drugged, blinded, starved and many more inhumane actions just so we can use them to test products for human use.

Its not fair and it CAN be avoided so easily if you make the effort to take a stand and swear to never use animal tested products again.

Below are two links, first is the list of companies that DO test on animals and second is the list of companies that DON’T test on animals.
You might be surprised how many companies you will recognise test on animals. Next time you’re at the supermarket try choose wisely or shop online from the cruelty free list.

I have also been searching for cruelty free brands that are easy to buy online. Here is my list so far.. 

People for Plants  Australian Organics 

Natural Instinct 

Wot Not 

Ere Perez– Vegan Makeup 

Eco Tan– Natural Vegan Tanning 

Arbonne  – To order use my sponsor number 613233035

Kester Black – Vegan nail polish  


Thank you Love Vegie Girl xx


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