How to break a Fast

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How to break a Fast

I have had a lot of experiences breaking fasts over the last few years of fasting. I have had good and BAD experiences haha and have finally learnt from the pain I have put myself through.  It can be so difficult to not over indulge as food tastes so incredibly good!!

Breaking an extensive fast can be harder than fasting itself as it requires caution and a lot of self control. I like to think that you are not unlike a baby, learning to eat solid foods. You may likely want to celebrate and indulge in a lot of your favorite foods to excess. This, of course, is a mistake. You should take as long to reintroduce solid foods to your diet as you spent on the fast. You don’t want to reverse all the healing you have done on your body.

I highly suggest to start slowly by introducing some highly alkaline and nutritious foods back into your diet and use whole fresh fruits and vegetables. Start slowly with smaller portion sizes as your stomach would have shrunk. You may be surprised that your body will no longer accept the size of meals you used to consume. Having smoothies for 1 or 2 meals a day is a really good idea from my own personal experiences.

Remember that the whole idea of fasting is to heal and build health, so remember you don’t want to go back to your excessive habits of eating. Eating highly processed , fatty food and soft drinks is a thing of the past. . This is not to say that you will never ever eat these foods again, They will just not be a regular in your diet. When you do binge it will be limited and controlled. You will not feel guilty if you control it and make it a rare occasion.

Set a plan for yourself and even write up a daily meal plan so you don’t go off the rails.


Here is an example of my 2 weeks after a fast.


-1 L of Freshly squeezed Juice

Morning Tea 



-Green Smoothie


-Coconut Water or fresh  Juice


-Raw Salad or Vegetable Soup

You will be so thankful for being controlled! I am telling you now its not fun to get out of control! 


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