DIY Coffee Scrub


As a Beauty Therapist I know the importance of looking after your skin.

When you have beautiful glowing, smooth skin you have more confidence than ever. Now that the warmer weather is coming its time to uncover your skin. During winter your skin can be neglected and is often dried out from indoor heating and being constantly covered. 

Unfortunately most of the products you buy from the shops are full of chemicals, and preservatives that you do not want to be putting on your skin.

Therefore I make a lot of Beauty products myself, mostly from ingredients found in my cupboard. They are quick and easy recipes that last for a long time and are really fun to make.

Why coffee?   Coffee grounds are a natural exfoliator. Exfoliation is the removal of dead, dry skin cells that collect on the outer layers of the skin. The coffee removes these unwanted cells off and speeds up our own skins natural renewal process, producing healthy glowing skin.   Also, coffee’s natural caffeine content is used as a topical treatment for cellulite, as it dilates blood vessels which increases speed and volume of blood flow and stimulation to the skin.  Which, in theory, helps remove excess water from our tissue, improving the skins appearance and tone.


  • 1/2 cup Organic Ground Coffee

  • 1 cup natural oil of your choice:  like olive oil, grapeseed, coconut oil (melted), or sweet almond oil etc.. Don’t use any petroleum-based oil as this will clog your pores!  Olive has a heavier feel, is naturally hypoallergenic and is full of vitamin A and E , helps repair skin. Grapeseed oil is lighter in feel, silky, not oily, and penetrates the skin quickly. This is a great choice for scrubs as it has almost no scent and is good for sensitive skin, and cheaper than olive oil.

  • 2 TBL sugar:  Coconut sugar (optional)

  • Mix all dry ingredients, then add oil (s).  I like to make a large batch that I can store in a jar in my bathroom.  Experiment with the consistency to your liking.


Scrub your body in the shower or bath in circular motions until the skin is slightly pink and stimulated.

Wash off and dry.

Your skin will feel softer and more hydrated than ever before.

Happy scrubbing!

Love Vegie Girl

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