Vegie Girl’s Chocolate Jaffa Tart


Vegie Girl’s Chocolate Jaffa Tart 

This would have to be one of the best raw desserts I have ever made! It tastes out of this world.

Base Ingredients 
1 cup Almonds soaked for 6+ hours
5-6 fresh dates
1 teaspoon Organic Coconut oil
1 small bunch of fresh mint leaves

Topping Ingredients 
2 ripe avocados
1 teaspoon Coconut oil
2 heaped Tablespoons of Cacao Powder
1/2 Orange juice
4 Drops of Orange essential oils (food grade)
1-2 tbs of Honey, Maple syrup, agave nectar or Coconut syrup
1/2 Lime juice

Blend the base ingredients in a food processor or blender until a pliable consistency.
Line a spring form pan with baking paper and press base mixture into the pan covering the base and about 1.5 cm of the side.

Place in the freezer to set.

Blend the topping ingredients into a food processor or blender until smooth. Taste to add more sweetener if needed.

Set in the freezer for 30 minutes to 1 hour or fridge for 2+ hours.

Serve & enjoy 🙂

Vegie Girl’s Tip: Always use Raw Organic Virgin Coconut oil



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