This Winter I am starting a fitness challenge to help motivate myself during the colder months. Is the winter blues causing you to lack motivation?

After  juice fasting for 1 month & setting up my business’s I feel that it is now time to focus on setting clear goals on what I need to personally work on. Now is the perfect time to start as exercise is the best way to overcome the winter blues. Exercising stimulates the brain’s pleasure centres, lifting your mood and giving an increase of your sense of wellbeing.

It is so easy to get stuck into a routine of over working and forgetting about your own needs, wants & personal goals. My family and friends are all warning me that I am spending too much time on business and little time for myself, so I have decided that I am going to set myself  a couple of goals so I can be the best me both inside and out.

Every day I work on my mind through listening to self-development books, furthermore on my insides by eating a super clean diet, however over the last few months my exercise regime has slowly dissipated as my time and energy has been spent on work. It is so easy to neglect yourself when focused on work many of us are falling under the trap of choosing work over our health and well-being. So I have finally decided that I need some me time to get back on track, it is usually hard during winter another reason why I am challenging myself to do this challenge.

After heading up to Brisbane this weekend and meeting some really  inspiring people I have decided I am going to train hard to achieve the body of my dreams during winter, so when Summer comes along again I am feeling more self-confident than ever.

As a Personal Trainer I love the health benefits of being at my peak physically. Exercise increases immune cell production and faster circulation of these cells around the body giving your immune system a boost. If you are spending hours of your day inside with little exercise your body is most likely deficient in Vitamin D which is essential for strong bones, muscles and overall health.

GOALS: My new personal goal is to gain muscle and lose body fat, increase my aerobic fitness and lift record weights. My plan of action is to write-up my workouts each week, recipe ideas and inspirational quotes to help stick to my goal and hopefully motivate you as well.


Join my challenge  this winter to become fit and healthy both inside and out.

Step 1: Write down your dream or find a photo for motivation.

Step 2: Set a clear Goal and a date you want to achieve it by.

Step 3: Make a plan and back it with action .

Vegie Girl



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