Hello to all my followers and to all those joining me on the April Juice Fast Challenge.

Congratulations to those who are taking the plunge!!!

You are taking a massive step in the right direction to healing yourself or resting your body for optimum  health and performance.

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The very first time I did a juice fast about 2 years ago I fasted for a whole month! It was one of the best things I have ever done for my body. I initially fasted for the first time to support my mum and a friend to heal their illnesses.

My mum had Crohn’s Disease, my friend Brett had Chronic Fatigue and I had Chronic IBS (Irritable Bowel Disease.) We were on a mission to heal.

I first heard about fasting from Don and Tyler Tolman. My mentors and inspiration. Then I did my research and I decided it was a good idea to try it.

I kept a diary with my weight/ measurements, how I was feeling each day and what exercise I did. I was actually amazed at how incredible I felt and how much energy I had.

The hardest part was cooking for my family and smelling the beautiful aromas from their food.

Some of the things I noticed change during my fast was that my senses were enhanced within the first week. The puffiness of my eye lids completely disappeared, my body fat percentage decreased and I had so much energy.  By the end my skin looked and felt like babies skin and it had a glow like I couldn’t believe. Everyone was commenting on how radiant I looked.

I also lost about 5-6kgs of mostly body fat. During the fast I was walking for 1 hour each day and Personal Training or Yoga 2-3 times a week. I looked and felt fitter than ever.

All these benefits were incredible and I felt better than ever but what was even more unreal was that we had actually healed Brett’s Chronic Fatigue, Mum’s Chron’s disease was almost non-existent and my IBS Symptoms disappeared. I was so amazed at how quickly we had healed and how visible the results were.

The hardest part of the fast was dealing with people criticising us for what we were doing. Especially Brett, being a Personal Trainer it was highly controversial and frowned upon in the industry.

Once everyone saw the results however they were all eager to try for themselves.

I highly recommend anyone to Fast to either heal their body, detoxify or reset it for optimum health. You will never ever regret doing it.

CABALA Juice is the perfect recipe designed to heal so I highly recommend sticking to the recipe for the best and fastest results. I have done a range or Juices in the past and Cabala Juice had the best results by far.


Happy Juicing everyone!

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Vegie Girl


3 thoughts on “APRIL FAST

  1. I’m wanting to do the 1 month detox my main concern is that I will get sick of the same tasting juice.. Did you find this was an issue?

  2. Great article! Just wondering what the extent of Brett’s CFS was. Do you know what symptons he had? I have tried basically everything to heal my CFS but nothing I have tried so far will shake it. I am sold on the biology of fasting and want to give it a go but I would love to hear in more depth about others that have used fasting to recover from CFS.

    • Brett was in a bad way. He had it for 3 years and had pretty much all the symptoms recorded on CFS.
      I have now helped another CFS sufferer with hers also going on a 30 day cabala juice fast.
      Its really important to allow your body to rest completely and use all its energy on healing. Which is why a fast is so effective.
      Good luck Alex.

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