My Mum was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at 22 years of age.

If you are unaware of what Crohn’s disease is, it is a type of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), resulting in swelling and dysfunction of the intestinal tract.

The inflammation causes  swelling, redness, and loss of normal bowel function. The immune system that attack the body instead of helpfully attacking a foreign invader (a virus or bacteria, for example).

The inflammation of Crohn’s disease most commonly affects the last part of the ileum (a part of the small intestine), and often includes the large intestine (the colon). However, inflammation may also occur in other areas of the gastrointestinal tract, affecting the mouth, esophagus, or stomach depending on the person.

Some symptoms of Crohn’s disease include diarrhoea, fever, abdominal pain, inability to eat, weight loss, and fatigue. Some patients have severe pain that is similar to appendicitis.

Crohn’s disease also limits the ability of the affected intestine to absorb the nutrients from food; a patient with Crohn’s disease can have signs of malnutrition, depending on the amount of intestine affected by the disease and the time period of having Crohn’s.

The combination of severe inflammation, ulceration, and scarring that occurs in Crohn’s disease can result in serious complications, including obstruction, abscess formation, and fistula formation.

Mum’s Story

In September 2007 I was on the train on my way home from Uni when I got a dreadful phone call from my mum saying she was in unbelievable pain on the ground and could not move. Mum had been through a lot of pain in the past however this pain was unlike anything else she had ever felt.

I jumped off the train and ran home as fast as I could, to find my mum on the floor unable to move. My brother had managed to bring her down the first flight of stairs, but no further.

We called the ambulance and she was rushed off to hospital shortly after.

After several hours of tests at the closest hospital they could not find the problem. Finally after about three hours they found out that her bowels in fact perforated!! The entire contents of her bowels had leaked into her system poisoning her body, she had Peritonitis.

Mum was then rushed in the ambulance to Box Hill Private Hospital where she was lucky enough to be put into the hands of a specialist surgeon for immediate emergency surgery.

During the surgery 11cm of her bowels were removed along with her appendix. She was fitted with a lleostomy Bag which would ultimately replace bowels for the next 6 months.

Mum remained in intensive care for a week, then in hospital for over a month after  being in intensive care. She was prescribed many many, different types of medicine.. The side effects were devastating.

Mum was lucky to be alive and if she had got there any later she wouldn’t have made it. To be told she had nearly died brought everything into perspective for me. My mum meant everything to me and our family. Thats when I decided we had to do something drastic before it happens again.

I started to really think, because mum was fitter and healthier than ever at the time of her perforation, so how could this happen??

This is when our research began to find a cure for Crohn’s Disease.

It didn’t make sense we were eating a strict diet, exercising 6 days a week and looking great, yet mum was sick. Our diet consisted of approx 200g of protein a day, usually a lean cut of meat or fish, lots of vegetables, a handful of nuts and 2-3 pieces of fruit and yoghurt. We were extremely strict and had lowest percentage of body fat we had ever had.

Mum resisted taking the medications from the very start and one day actually asked the doctors if they would take the medications themselves if they had Crohn’s Disease and they said NO! Yet had no alternative solution.

So we began researching… We looked up websites upon websites. Google soon became our best friend. We read books, books and more books and began to try new things to see what may possibly work.

Then one day mum met a beautiful woman Michelle Ross at uni who decided to take her to a nutrition lecture on whole foods and a vegan diet.

Mum came home so inspired and told us everything she had learnt, about eating a vegan diet and how it is easier on the digestive system, and that it could be the answer.

So we decided from that very night we would never eat meat and dairy again and we haven’t to this day! The next day we watched Earthlings, and it confirmed our vow to be vegan. We watched Food Matters, Forks Over Knives and several other documentaries each night to educate ourselves. We were finally on the right track.

Within days of eating Vegan mum could tell an enormous difference. She didn’t have to run to the closest toilet after eating, felt like she had more energy and truly felt better than ever in every way.

We started finding out so much more information on wholefoods and came across Tyler Tolman a whole food expert. We then went to a free event where he spoke about everything we have been researching about.

Our next step to heal mum was to do a 1-month Cabala juice fast in order to heal the bowels completely from the inside out. I also suffered from IBS so I was keen to fast for support and my own health. The fast was the best thing we had ever done. The results were instant and incredible.

6 months after becoming Vegan mums had her yearly colonoscopy and she had the best results in 24 years.

18 Months after becoming Vegan and Juice fasting on occasions the results came back 100% Clear!!! No signs of Crohn’s Disease.

The specialist was astounded. He was asking Mum what on earth she had done. It was the first time in his history of practicing that he had ever seen Crohn’s Disease Cured with his own eyes.

His words to mum were that her bowels looked healthier than any bowels he had seen in such a long time.

Crohns results

I would absolutely love to help anyone out there with Crohn’s to try to improve your life and make every day worth living.

Please email tegan.steele@hotmail.com



  1. Great story, I have crohns, and my story is similar to your Mums re; operation & the effect it has on me. I do eat healthy, however I am not a vegan, I will look into this further…..thank you.
    And thanks Casey x

  2. I also have crohns, have had two resections, lost about three feet of intestines,
    will certainly try cabala juice and see if it works. I am ok today, only take imodium 2 – 4 tabs per day, and that’s it for the crohns. Ive been lucky. Had a good friend die from it…….better yet, Im Casey’s dad. And fortunately, neither Casey, or his sisters seem to have inherited it.

  3. Thank you for sharing. THis is such an inspiring story. I have crohn’s and I’m doing a juice detox to get rid of my latest flare-up. Was only going to do 5 day’s but l’ll persist to do 14 after reading this

  4. My mum is about to turn 53, she was misdiagnosed with Crohns at the age of 18-19 and properly diagnosed at 22 or so.. she has almost no bowel left, and is unable to have anymore surgeries as there is not enough bowel to be removed..
    I just completed my first 7 day juice fast and it was amazing as I have some stomach disturbances on a regular basis too..

    My mum is now self injecting 15mg of chemo drugs as well as other prescribed drugs… she has at least 1 iron infusion every year and ends up in hospital once a year… she can not put on any weight either at 45kgs.
    Its like she has no hope for recovery anymore.. she just listens to what the doctors say 😦

    I’ve learnt so much through tyler tolman and others and she just doesn’t want to learn any of this incredible knowledge and way of life..

    anyway I just want to say how incredible you are for pushing through and keeping hope and fighting.. for changing your ways and being flexible and for undertaking such a massive journey!

    Thankyou for sharing!

    Lauren x

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