What an incredible adventure and fantastic experience working at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat has been! I loved every single minute of working at the retreat and embraced every job and opportunity that came my way during my six weeks of working and living at Gwinganna. So many fantastic memories and friendships will be taken away from this trip and treasured forever.

The Retreat is a beautiful place to wake up to everyday. Free of pollution, stress, and negativity, it was the perfect place to work, relax and play whilst each day promised and new experience and adventure

Every morning I would wake from my slumber between 4:30am- 5:00am with a smile on my face ready for whatever job I was in charge of for that particular day. As a Volunteer my tasks would range from wake-ups, washing dishes, helping with the dining, assisting the Chefs in the kitchen, setting up the activities for the day, assisting on the walks, checking in and checking out new guests, spa attending and on the odd occasion organic gardening and housekeeping. I found every job fun, interesting and rewarding!

The Guests begin their day by watching the sun rise out of the incredible picturesque view whilst practicing the ancient art of Qi Gong, a restorative moving meditation similar to Tai Chi. The exercise continues with a scenic walk or hike depending on your preference and fitness level. After the walk you have well and truly earned your breakfast! A delicious organic fresh fruit platter, home-made muesli and a hot breakfast that is to die for will be waiting at the dining room on your return from your walk.

After breakfast you have a choice of doing a yin or yang activity after a wonderful stretch class that will leave you ready for anything! Some of the activity choices include Yoga, 5 Essentials weights class, Neo dance, Spin, Boxing, Bosu, Pilates, Tribal dancing, Zumba, Deep water running and much more.

Once the exercise part of the day is complete you can enjoy morning tea whilst you sit back and relax listening to a lecture on health, exercise, nutrition or wellbeing…

When the lecture is finished a beautiful healthy lunch is served where you can discuss the morning and your new acquainted knowledge with fellow guests while you enjoy the delicious flavors of the healthy organic cuisine.

The afternoon is time to relax during Dreamtime at the day spa, where you will be pampered from head to toe, inside and out. The day spa is incredible and the treatments on offer are one of a kind.

To finish the day a meditation or relaxation class is held in the church, to ensure 100% relaxation.

Dinner is then served in the dining room. The food at Gwinganna is not only healthy but also very enjoyable. The recipe book is for sale at the store or online so you can make the meals at home when you return to your daily lifestyle and want to adopt the Gwinganna way of life.

All in all I highly recommend the retreat to anyone in need of relaxation, rejuvenation or inspiration on leading a healthier happier life.

Check out the Gwinganna website for more information here!



  1. Hey Teagan!! I’m considering applying to volunteer at Gwinganna 🙂 How did you enjoy it from a volunteer perspective. I’m studying Naturopathy, so I think it will be highly beneficial and just an overall incredible experience..would you recommend it? Thanks so much! xx

  2. Hey Tegan! I’ve been looking to volunteer for Gwinganna but I was wondering if it’s a program only for 18+? I’m 17 and was hoping to volunteer in the summer. Thanks so much x

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