In August last year I decided to do my first juice fast, drinking only CABALA juice for 1 month!

You may think I am crazy and find it hard to understand how you can only drink and not eat for an entire month but it is possible!

This time however I am only fasting for 16 days. I have 16 days of no commitments to hold me back before I leave to work at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat for six weeks.

Every once in a while I like to fast in order to clean out my body and give it a chance to rest and repair, instead of digesting food all day long. It boosts energy levels, clears skin, rids your body of unnecessary toxins and weight and resets the whole body for a new start!

Organic market shop this morning!

Why CABALA juice?

This recipe comes from Don Tolman’s FDR (Farmacist Desk Reference – Encyclopedia of Whole Food Medicine) It is a perfectly formulated recipe that is well-balanced.

The CABALA Juice Recipe
This recipe makes approximately 2-2.5 litres of fresh juice (depending on your juicer). This is the minimum amount required daily…  there is NO maximum amount you can drink on a fast. I generally drink 3-4Litres a day and feel very satisfied! If you ever feel hungry you are not drinking enough! So drink up.

This is what you will need:

2.5 kgs carrots

2 red apples

2 green apples

2 yellow apples (golden delicious)

1 lemon (whole…skin and all)

1 small beetroot

Juice the ingredients using a quality juicer (not a blender). Drink it as soon as you can after juicing or refridgerate. If you store it, keep it in glass bottle or jar. It will last for 24 hours once juiced however the nutrients  will not be 100% intact. You don’t drink any other liquids when on a juice fast as it dilutes the nutrients making it less effective.

Individual Fruit & Vegetable Effect

Carrot – a great liver cleanser, increases vitality and vigor, richest source of provitamin A, rich in carotenoids to help regulate blood sugar, reduce the risk of heart disease and promote healthy eyes and good vision, assists in releasing excess cholesterol in the body and contains complex carbohydrates for energy.

Apple – high in soluble fibre which soothes digestion, great for cleansing the subcutaneous tissues where your body stores fat, packed with fiber that lowers cholesterol and terrific source of pectin which helps remove toxins from the intestines.

Beetroot – cleanse the liver and gall bladder, enhances blood circulation and excellent source of Vitamin C to boost your immune system.

Lemon – a potent detoxifier, excellent liver cleanser, kills intestinal parasites such as round-worms, can dissolve gallstones and stimulates digestive juices.



14 thoughts on “CABALA JUICE FAST- DAY 1

  1. Hey Tegan,

    This juice sounds great! For someone that has never juice fasted before what’s the ideal length of time to be fasting in order to get results?

  2. Hi im a type 1 diabetic and i really want to do cabala juice diet . Any comments . Maybe just do a couple days rather than 21 in case of hypos

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  4. Hey Teegan,

    I’m about to go on a 39-60 day Cabala juice detox AND gave my name down at Gwingana!!! Did you make it there? Love to hear your thoughts about your time there and overall feeling about the Cabala cleanse ☺

    Warm regards,

    • Hello Marissa,
      How did you go with your fast? Are you still going?
      Yes I went to Gwinganna and absolutely loved it.
      Have you read my post on it I wrote a few years ago?

      Have a beautiful day!
      Tegan ❤

    • You definitely have to shop around. Can be done cheaper but you have to buy in bulk.

      Now a few years down the track when I juice fast I also drink, filtered water, coconut water, herbal teas and even a glass of kombutcha. Therefore I drink less juice and its a more affordable way.

  5. Awesome. Thank you for the info! I have just purchased the cabala powdered juice from Don Tolman website as produce here in New Zealand (especially during winter) is stupidly expensive. Excited!

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