As a beauty therapist I have learnt about the skin back to front. I have treated all types of skin and skin conditions using products, the latest technology and treatments. Acne is by far the most common and the most disliked by people of all ages, especially adolescents.

I found after years of treating skin, that the health of your skin comes from the inside out! What you eat and how you treat your body reflects directly through your skin. The cause of the acne needs to be conquered to eliminate or remove acne altogether. You can mask acne with harsh products, medications and concealer however to remove acne for life you need to change your diet! You need to clean your insides in order for your outsides to be clear! It makes complete sense.

When sebaceous glands secrete too much oil, acne is the result. The oil usually flows from the glands in the body to the skin, however when dead skin cells build up causing clogged pores which causes acne. Seeing the skin is the reflection of our internal health, acne can be an indicator of a toxic body or condition. Digestive problems, too much waste product in the kidneys, liver, lungs and intestine are a direct cause of acne breakouts! Other causes are, allergies, eating a high fat diet, pollution and emotional problems.

To achieve clear healthy skin you need to be eating a healthy balanced diet, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep and avoiding habits such as smoking and heavy drinking. Also keeping your stress levels low and preventing your hormone levels from altering will prevent acne flare ups.

Keeping your skin and body hydrated is essential for clear glowing skin. Drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day is essential. Keeping hydrated improves the blood circulation calming the skin down. With adequate hydration the body can flush waste and toxins from the body effectively, in turn clearing the skin.

Garlic- is a powerful probiotic and blood cleanser. It can assist your body in cleaning your system inside out! It is best eaten raw and crushed for fast benefits! I often put raw crushed garlic in salad dressings for a subtle garlic flavour with the benefits. You can also use garlic externally for effective acne treatment. By cutting a garlic clove in half you can rub it gently on the acne, it is very strong so use it gently. I suggest to do this before you go to bed as the smell may linger.

Avoid heavy products on the skin such as sunscreens and cosmetics containing mineral oil. Use water based products where possible! It is best to leave the skin clean to allow it to heal, the less products the better.

Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is essential for clear skin. It is important to stay away from oily fast food and highly processed foods. If you have a big breakout track back to what you had eaten that may have caused it.

Foods to avoid are:

Animal products: Pork, lamb, beef, chicken, cooked dairy products and margarine.

Refined foods: Flour, white rice, white pasta, white bread

Processed foods: Canned foods, packaged foods, frozen foods, chips, donuts, cakes, biscuits, hard alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, cordial drinks, and other drinks containing chemicals and colourings.

Foods to eat:

Sprouted seeds, grains and legumes. All raw and steamed vegetables, all fresh fruits, raw nuts, seeds.  All fresh vegetable and fruit juices and herbal teas.

Tegan’s Tip: Use baking soda as a cleanser and scrub! It’s amazing!


Don Tolman Farmacist Desk Reference Encyclopaedia of Whole Food Medicine Vol.11


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