Tegan’s Toothpaste Recipe

This toothpaste is easy to make, cheap and will clean, protect and even whiten your teeth.

The ingredients you will need are:

Bi-carb soda – A mild abrasive that dissolves easily. In solution it will kill microorganisms and disease related bacteria. It will also neutralize and detoxify the bacterial acids and toxins that form in plaques.

Coconut Oil – Is antibacterial, beneficial for gum health, protects tooth enamel and whitens the teeth.

Peppermint & Mint Essential Oil – Are used for flavouring the paste.

Stevia – Natural sweetener

Neem Oil (optional) – Has anti bacterial benefits that help to prevent tooth decay and gingivitis

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35%  (optional) – Is a natural teeth whitener.


-1/4 cup bi-carb soda

-1/4 cup Coconut oil

-10 drops of Essential oils of choice (peppermint & mint are good)

-1 teaspoon Stevia powder

-1 teaspoon neem oil (optional) Can give the toothpaste a funny taste.

-10 drops of 35% Hydrogen Peroxide


Measure and place all the ingredients into a small bowl.

Mix the ingredients thoroughly using a mortar and pestle. If you add the neem oil or Hydrogen Peroxide you may need to add more bi-carb soda until the toothpaste is a thick paste consistency.

Store in a jar and spoon on brush.

This toothpaste will last for 6-12 months.


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