Many people have trouble tolerating, grains, seeds nuts and legumes and get indigestion, heaviness and other uncomfortable symptoms after eating them. Dry grains and seeds contain enzyme inhibitors, which keeps them dormant until soaked. It also contains a natural acid called Phytic acid in the outer layer, which makes grains, seeds and legumes indigestible.

Soaking your nuts in warm water will neutralize these enzyme inhibitors, and help encourage the production of beneficial enzymes. These enzymes, in turn, increase many vitamins, especially B vitamins. It also makes these nuts easier to digest and the nutrients more easily absorbed.

Soak in warm water then place in the fridge for the specified time depending on the nut, seed or grain. Remove the nuts, seeds or grains from the water, then drain and rinse several times before use.  It is helpful to soak the nuts before using them in raw cooking for a smoother texture and better taste.

Soaking time:

Almonds = Soak 8 hours – No sprouting

Barley = Soak 6 Hours = Sprout 2 days

Buckwheat = Soak 6 hours = Sprout 2 days

Chickpeas = Soak 6 Hours = Sprout 2-3 days

Flax seed = Soak 1/2 hour = No Sprouting

Lentil Beans = Soak 7 Hours = Sprout 3 days

Quinoa = Soak 2 hours = Sprout 1 days

Rye= Soak 8 Hours = Sprout 3 days

Sesame seeds= Soak 6 hours = Sprout 2 days

Sunflower seeds = Soak 2 Hours = Sprout 1+ days

Spelt = Soak 7 hours = Sprout 2 days

Walnuts= Soak 4 Hours = No Sprouting

All other nuts  = Soak 6 hours = No Sprouting


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