Why buy ORGANIC…

There are so many benefits to buying beautiful organic produce. Here are just to name a few and a reason to why its worth your $

-Keep Chemicals off your plate

Many pesticides and herbicides were registered long before extensive research linking them to cancer and other diseases could be established. They are poisons designed to kill living organisms and can also harm humans. In addition to cancer, pesticides are implicated in birth defects, nerve damage and genetic manipulations.

-Limiting your food’s travel from production to your plate

This means you are eating fresh not food that is preserved in fridges or with chemicals for weeks before it gets to your plate. I know what I would prefer.

-Supporting local farmers who follow sustainable farming methods

Most organic farms are small, independently owned family farms of less than 100 acres. We need to support them to help them survive.

-For a better taste

Organic farming starts with the nourishment of the soil, which leads to the nourishment of the plant and, ultimately, our palate. Ask the many chefs who prefer to use organic foods. Once you change to organic foods you will never go back.

-Certified Organic means GE free

Certified organic food does not contain genetically engineered organisms.

Foods you should always buy organic

These foods are high in pesticide reside so should be eaten organic.

-Apples                     -Celery

-Strawberries         -Peaches

-Spinach                  – Nectarines

-Grapes                    – Capsicum

– Potatoes                – Blueberries

-Carrots                   – Cherries

-Lettuce                   -Peaches

-Brocoli                   -Beans

Handy tip!

If you can’t buy Organic for whatever reason you can soak your fruit and vegetables in a bucket of water and apple cider vinegar. This will help to remove some of the pesticides on the surface. Or even grow your own! It’s easy and a great hobby,  not to mention a much cheaper alternative to buying all organic fruit and vegetables.

There are so many interesting websites to check out if you want to find out more information on Organic food and the benefits.




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