Dear my Friends and followers,

I believe that whole living foods found in mother nature is the solution to changing your life for good.

All my articles and statistics are backed up by health professionals from various books, articles or seminars I have been to.

I am not a doctor or a health professional however I am a health researcher and health mentor. I have all the up to date information on natural health and wellbeing from doctors, scientists, and nutritionists.

Please do not take my information as professional advice just as an alternative treatment to improve your life and lifestyle. I am writing from the goodness of my heart as helping people is my passion in life, and I feel the need to share what I have been taught.

And by the way a doctors training in nutrition is about 6 hours of their entire course (friends who are doctors have told me) I have spent the last two years researching information not to mention the courses I have completed in natural nutrition and wellbeing over the years.

Thank you



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