Tegan’s Green Smoothie Recipe 

Green smoothies are extremely nutrient dense. The ratio in green smoothies is about 60% ripe organic fruit mixed with about 40% organic greens. The nutrients in green smoothies literally start to get absorbed in your mouth because the nutrients are vulnerable after being blended. Regular consumption of green smoothies forms a good habit of eating greens. After a few weeks of drinking green smoothies for breakfast, most people start to crave their smoothie and really struggle without it! Give it a try! Because it tastes so delicious and has so many health benefits. It is also the best meal to have post workout, as the nutrients can be absorbed straight into the muscles for quick recovery.

You can put any kind of fruit or greens in the smoothie. My recipe is very basic however always tastes good. I recommend putting in superfoods to add even more nutrient dense ingredients to give your body the best possible start to the day! I have had clients lose lots of weight by just adding the green smoothie into their diet. A high-speed blender (Vita-mix) is preferable when making this smoothie however a regular blender will do the job.


2 oranges peeled

2 bananas fresh or frozen

1 Apple

– 2 sticks of celery

1 big handful of spinach leaves

2 tablespoons chia seeds

3 tablespoons goji berries

-1 Teaspoon Maca powder

1 to 1.5 litres of chilled water and ice cubes 
or 100% coconut water

Add any other fruit of your liking. I enjoy adding frozen mango cheeks and pineapple for a tropical taste.



1. Wash and chop up all the ingredients into chunks removing any skin from oranges.

2. Place all the ingredients into a blender. Put the juiciest fruit at the bottom and the more delicate (spinach) close to the top.

Blend until smooth. Add water and ice to the consistency of your liking.





2 thoughts on “GREEN SMOOTHIE

  1. Green Smoothies are fantastic! You will feel satisfied and full for most of the day! Give it a try for a few weeks and let me know how you go.. Most people never turn back after having green smoothies for breakfast. Happy blending!

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