Beauty comes from the inside out literally! What you eat and put on your skin has a massive effect to how beautiful you are.

You can maintain natural beauty or even slow down the ageing process by what you put into your mouth and what you put onto your skin.

The more nutrients you put into your body the more naturally beautiful you will become. Our bodies crave nutrients and the more we can feed our bodies the less we crave to eat foods we shouldn’t and the less we need to cover our skin as blemishes should not occur when you eat a natural non processed diet.

Raw plant foods is the best effective way to obtain the amount of nutrients and minerals we need in our day. Eating raw foods increases the alkalinity of the body, which alleviates the underlying cause of inflammation, puffiness and contraction of the tissues. A diet based on raw foods also reduces the intake of harmful compounds such as free radicals that are found large amounts in a standard diet.

Juicing is also such a fantastic way to get nutrients straight into the blood stream for fast effective results. After I fasted for 1 month I have never had so many compliments on how I was glowing and that my eyes were so bright! Not to mention how my body looked and how I felt. It was seriously amazing!

Everyone is lacking in nutrients and replenishing them is not as easy as you think. It takes years of eating raw organic plant foods to fill your body with all the nutrients you need. Take it day at a time and you will feel and see the difference in no time. I  recommend to have a freshly squeezed juice or green smoothie as well as a raw meal daily.

Some foods I recommend you to consume everyday are: Aloe vera, arugula, burdock root, coconut, cucumber, durian, figs, hemp seed, macadamia nuts, nettles, olives and olive oil, onion, papaya, pumpkin seeds, radish, turmeric, watercress. Any superfood is fantastic for the body and are highly nutrient dense.

I also advise daily exercise because it oxygenates the tissues, helps the body to eliminate toxins and brings more color into the complexion. Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise because it both strengthens and lengthens the muscles in conjunction with deep breathing. Deep breathing in itself is a great cleanser, you should try it every morning and night for a great start and end to the day.

Beauty skin care and hair care recipes are to come! Stay tuned 🙂

My information was sourced from Eating For Beauty written by David Wolfe



  1. I was wondering what kind of makeup you use. I read one of your posts a long time ago saying you have done your research and have found the best on the market and was curious as to what that was 🙂

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