Believe it or not! Juice fasting is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body. Even if you are already healthy and eat a strict vegan diet it is impossible to free your body of the deadly invaders living in this toxic world. The bodies first line of defence is a healthy colon, however our colons cannot keep up with the overexposure of pollutants in our air, water and food, excessive amounts of alcohol and caffeine, high stress, lack of exercise, overuse of antibiotics and medications. When the body’s internal detoxification process breaks down the toxins circulate into the bloodstream instead of being eliminated through the colon, causing illness, digestive ailments and other serious health disorders.

Fresh juice is packed with nutrients that invigorate your body, strengthen your immune system and sustain your health. You can heal the body from the inside out with juicing because juice is easily digestible, and therefore, increases nutrient absorption and allows the body to repair and rebuild from the inside out.

The main reasons to do a juice fast is to:

Prevent diseases – The constant build up of toxins in your body is what causes disease. It is estimated that 90% of diseases is caused by an unhealthy digestive system. The bowel needs to be cared for first before any other healing can take place in the body.

Rid yourself of pains and aches – We get pains and aches in our body due t crystallised toxins in your body. We all immediately take a pain killer to make the pain go away but never address the problem to remove the pain forever. Cleaning out our bodies by fasting does the same thing naturally however addresses the problem instead of masking it. Your metabolism will also become more efficient through fasting. During a juice fast you will also lose weight by clearing out your body and expelling stored toxins through the elimination of toxin build up in your liver, lungs, kidneys, skin and intestines. Weight gain is a natural by-product of toxic buildup.

Clear your mind – Our lives have become faster and faster. Stress and depression is effecting us in so many ways. Unfortunately our bodies are one of the first to be compromised. Our nervous system is on constant overdrive therefore depleting us to the core of our bodies, minds and spirits.  If we are starved of nutrients we lack the power to manage our stress and anxiety.

Eliminate body stress – In today’s busy society, we all need to learn some form of stress management. Most of us are aware that stress is linked to depression and many other diseases including cancer and heart disease. We can help manage stress with nutritional cleansing.The nutrients of the foods that you eat will determine if your body produces serotonin and dopamine in your brain, which are instrumental for relaxation.

Stimulate elimination of body waste – A good fasting program will help restore the body’s balance, eliminate the waste building up and make our systems run much more efficiently. Our colons are 75% clogged with waste matter. Our bowels are almost always backed up and never get a chance to reset and start again. SO juicing allows our bodies to reset and start again.

Increase energy – Do you ever feel fatigued? Well, this is a symptom of toxicity. Fasting will lead the body to having more energy. When the body is overloaded the body cannot function correctly. When the overload is relieved it allows every part of the body to work more effectively which causes you to feel energy!!! Give your body a rest and time to repair to help your whole body function properly.

Purify and cleanse the liver – The liver is our detoxifying organ. It is responsible for cleaning drugs, alcohol, bacterial products, poisons, waste products and worn out red blood cells. The liver is also the factory for proteins, fats and amino acids and stores fat and glucose. Cleansing your liver actually helps to control your blood sugar levels. It also metabolizes proteins  which is an important function seeing we all overload our bodies with protein daily.

Clear your skin – Our skin breaks out when our bodies are not functioning 100%. When we have waste that needs to come out of our body we sometimes see it on our skin, or through sweat or body odour. Most of us are probably aware of its role in temperature control.  When we get too warm, we start to perspire, which provides a rapid means of evaporative cooling.  What many of us probably don’t know is that an important detoxification process also happens when we perspire as toxins are released through the skin along with the sweat. Therefore exercising and sweating is such an important thing to do daily. Saunas and sweat baths are a great way to remove waste from our bodies if you are not sweating 3-4 times per week from exercise. Try using other methods.

You can juice fast for as long as you like. I recommend for your first fast doing it for 3 days. You have to be really strong in the mind so prepare yourself well and do it at a time you are not working if possible. When you feel ready move on to a 7 day fast, then even a month fast for a full body cleanse.

During the fasting period you are only to do light exercise such as walking and yoga or meditation as you need to allow the body to rest and repair. Sleep when needed and expect a little discomfort. When the body is detoxifying you can get head aches and body fatigue. But this is a good sign that your body is removing waste and cleaning out, so persevere. You need to drink a minimum of 2.5 litres of freshly squeezed juice a day to ensure you are hydrated enough. I recommend to always buy ORGANIC!!! It has such a big impact on your body, especially when juicing. You are trying to remove toxins not filling your body with more pesticides.

I fast once a season to give my body a chance to rejuvenate 4 times a year. It is impossible to avoid toxins from entering your body however it is possible to remove them. Each time you fast the easier it gets and the healthier your body will become. “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”

Good luck! Your body will be forever thankful for it.

Please ask any questions you need…



2 thoughts on “JUICE FASTING

  1. Hi, when you do your first fast should it only be vegetable juices or a mix of fruit and veg? And also how much should you have each day?

    • Hi Lee,
      You should be fasting on 80% Vegetable 20% Fruit for the best balance. Or I recommend that you juice using the CABALA Juice recipe for best results.
      Happy Juicing 🙂
      Vegie Girl

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